BSMC Fort Carson Colorado Suggested Links

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Suggested Links

The following is a list of links you might find interesting.


Fort Garland Museum established in 1858 in Fort Garland, CO.  Fort Garland served to protect the earliest settler in the San Luis Valley.

Wal-mart sponsors an educational program that heralds under-recognized heroes of African -American history who have contributed in profound and lasting ways to American life.

The Beecher Island memorial, located 20 miles south of Wray, Colorado, reviews the September 17-19, 1868 battle fought there between white scouts and about 750 Native Americans from several Plains tribes.  Chief Roman Nose died in the battle as the Native American fought to preserver their way of life.   All of the scouts were killed or wounded.  The Buffalo Soldiers 10th Cavalry Regiment drove the Native Americans back; and were able to rescue the wounded scouts and escorted them to safety.  

Visit this site to view the Bufalo Soldiers Memorial in Colorado Springs.



Have fun!